• Production: Precinct-Deckard-master-26


  • Improved Cisco Umbrella Processing
  • Improved Cisco Threat Response Processing


  • Custom URL for UI can be set at Admin->Settings->General (Feature Request)
  • Updated FAVICON
  • Resilience in certificate handling
  • New process for custom UI Certificates:
  • Database index improvements
  • Improved long query handling
  • Reduced disk hits on artifact and connection processing
  • Maintenance screen displays when system is down (instead of Register redirect)
  • Report caching
  • Default Incident filters more intuitive
  • 5.1 OVA released
  • 5.1 AMI released
  • Manual setting for artifact data retention at Admin->Settings->General


  • Connection Member backlogs
  • SAML authentication not working correctly
  • Memory leaks in certain situations
  • Acquitted/false positives leads can generate incidents
  • Javascript errors on initial Reports load
  • Timestamps flickering on status check
  • Filtered Leads count incorrect on funnel
  • Errors in register script
  • Size of panels on Investigate page incorrect
  • Slow status checks
  • Retro-analysis on rule creation gives incorrect count (mostly 0)
  • API insertion on Artifacts is slow creating backlog
  • Register and Superintendent don’t syncronize on installation leading to unexpected reboots at install
  • Timestamps on search records are displaying incorrectly

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