• Production: Precinct-Deckard-master-57


  • 5.1.1 OVA & AMI Released with improved partitioning and certificate handling
  • Maintain certificates to prevent certificate white-list issues
  • Base64 Encode Search URL to allow for complex queries
  • Base64 Encode Lead Rules to allow for complex queries
  • Improved Kafka partitioning to improve syslog throughput
  • Limit size of Docker logs
  • Add hardware benchmark to support pack


  • Logstash Beats configuration can cause system to halt in certain situations
  • Reports and Investigate pages loading too slowly in some deployments
  • Kafka topics fail to create in certain circumstances
  • Timestamp in status window incorrect due to caching
  • Deadlocks on graph edges in certain circumstances
  • Search results can return empty or reset search bar

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