Released Builds

  • Production: Precinct-master-36
  • EarlyAccess: Precinct-earlyaccess-29

Builds published to WitFoo Library at 2/15/2018 2033 (CST) due for automatic installation at 2/15/2018 2100 (CST)



  • Improved Streamer error-handling and monitoring support for malformed netflow packets. For select deployments, malformed packets were previously causing CPU spikes, due to above-normal logging generated by elasticsearch in response to these packets. Streamer no longer allows these packets to make it to elasticsearch, drastically containing CPU overhead of logging.
  • Slight tweaking of elasticsearch queries from Investigative Engine, to decrease query latency.
  • Install latest version of JDK 8 on appliance, to allow for improved JVM monitoring capabilities.


  • N-Central AV reporting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix my_hosts file for elasticsearch servers in multi-node deployments.

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