Build IDs: 6-0-8-3, master-122

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release makes DNS Look-ups optional and disables the look-ups by default. To enable look-ups go to Admin -> Settings. Be advised that DNS look-ups have a negative impact on processing throughput. The preferred method of resolving host-names is via artifact records from data sources containing both the IP and host-name. Good examples of these sources are DHCP Leases and system logs. If DNS look-ups are used, it is recommended that a dedicated, high-speed DNS server be used.


  • Notifications may not send in certain circumstances
  • Processing can be delayed by unexpected artifact data
  • CSC Percentage calculations may be inaccurate


  • Option to toggle DNS look ups added to Admin -> Settings. Note: default setting is off/disabled. Using this feature slows processing and a fast DNS server is recommended.
  • Speed loading of Incident Listing on Investigate interface
  • Improve notification email format to use user defined URL if set
  • Improve init load times on management nodes after an upgrade or reboot
  • Index keywords in incidents to speed keyword search of Incidents

NOTE: How to take control of when your deployment of Precinct upgrades.

NOTE: Clear Chrome cache using the instructions linked here.

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