Build IDs: 6-0-0-1, master-15


User Interface

  • New User Interface Built on Angular 10 (old UI can be accessed on port 8080 https://HOSTNAME:8080)
  • Re-imagined UI for Investigations and Reporting
  • Enhanced Query Builder for Artifact Search
  • Improved Artifact Export

Data Architecture

  • Built on Apache Cassandra 3.11(
  • Load Balanced Data Ingestion
  • Extreme compression of all stored data
  • Automatic Replication Factor 3 with 3 or more Data Nodes
  • Automatic Replication Factor 2 with 2 Data Nodes
  • Infinite Horizontal Scale for ingest and retention
  • Automatic disk clean up via TTL

Investigative Engine

  • Processing speeds improved
  • New Incident Observations
  • Improved API load times


  • IOPS improved by more than 2,000x
  • Improved Disk Partition to prevent system failure



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