Build IDs: Build-Deckard-jenkins-Precinct-5-1-5-1, Build-Deckard-jenkins-Precinct-master-124, Build-Deckard-jenkins-Precinct-master2-40

Bug Fixes

  • Editing Lead Rules can fail
  • Report generation can stick at 0%
  • Searching by clicking magnifying glass can fail with “Syntax error”
  • Searching artifacts with “LIKE” syntax fails to return results


  • Faster Artifact Queries
  • Improved Artifact Compression logic
  • Faster Disk clean up (when disk is filling)
  • Faster Report Generation Times
  • Enforce “Secure-Cookies” in the API


  • McAfee Web Gateway
  • Thycotic Secret Server
  • Carbonblack Defend
  • Crowdstrike Falcon (to support OAUTH)
  • LEEF Formated Syslog
  • Netscaler
  • POSTFIX logs

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