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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    Below is guidance on how to use WitFoo Coordinator to allow for offline operation of a WitFoo Precinct Cluster.

    Download the Coordinator OVA: https://www.witfoo.com/data/coordinator.ova
    Deploy the Coordinator node into the Hypervisor.

    On the Coordinator appliance:

    1. Configure network in accordance with Ubuntu documentation. It is recommended to use a DHCP Reservation.
    2. Run: echo licensekey > /library/license (NOTE: Replace licensekey with your license key. Contact¬†support@witfoo.com if you don’t have it.)
    3. Run: sudo /library/bin/sync.sh (NOTE:: This will take several minutes)
    4. Note the ip address by running: ifconfig ens33

    On each Precinct Node:

    1. Edit the /etc/host file and add (NOTE: replace ip_of_coordinator with the IP address noted in the step above):
      1. ip_of_coordinator registry.witfoo.com
      2. ip_of_coordinator library.witfoo.com
    2. Set up certificate trust
      1. Run: echo witfoo/registry.crt >> /etc/ca-certificates.conf
      2. Run: mkdir -p /usr/share/ca-certificates/witfoo
      3. Run: openssl s_client -showcerts -connect registry.witfoo.com:443 </dev/null 2>/dev/null|openssl x509 -outform PEM >/usr/share/ca-certificates/witfoo/registry.crt
      4. Run: sudo update-ca-certificates
    3. Run: sudo reboot now
    4. Repeat on all Precinct Nodes for air-gapped Coordinator (when direct sync/update is not an option)
    5. On an Internet connected Coordinator execute steps 1 to 4
    6. Create a ZIP file of /library/data
    7. Extract the ZIP on the air-gapped coordinator node (into the same directory)
    8. Restart the air-gapped coordinator node

    To update the Coordinator data in the future, run: sudo /library/bin/sync.sh

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