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WitFoo Precinct Multi-Node Deployment Checklist

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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    Deploy Appliances ( 
    It is highly recommended that appliances be thick provisioned to prevent performance and stability issues.

    • Data Node (Recommend 3)
    • Streamer Node (Recommend 1 for each transport type: syslog, NetFlow, Splunk, eStreamer, Beats)
    • IE/Management Node (Recommend 1)

    Verify that each appliance has required resources outlined in the table.

    • At least 8GB of RAM on Streamer nodes (12GB ideal)
    • At least 12GB of RAM on IE/Management nodes (16GB ideal)
    • At least 12GB of RAM on Data nodes (16GB ideal)
    • At least 4 CPU Cores (8 Cores ideal)
    • Verify by running htop in each appliance



    Default log in on each appliance is witfooadmin : F00theN0ise! 

    • Can be reached via SSH or via Console Interface 

    Enable NTP sync by either 1) allowing NTP connections to on 123/udp or 2) configuring an internal NTP service on each node:

    Configure the IP address of the appliance by clicking on the Network icon in the Console UI or in accordance with Ubuntu documentation ( Alternatively, use a DHCP lease reservation for assigning the IP address. 

    Update Ubuntu packages as necessary.

    Run ./register script following directions (see: 

    • Run on all Node types (Data, Streamer, Management)

    Wait 30 minutes for systems to initialize and pull code updates 

    Create the first account at https://IP_OF_MANAGEMENT_NODE/auth/register (replace IP_OF_MANAGEMENT_NODE  with the IP Address of the Management Node.) 

    In the interface go to Admin -> Settings -> General. Configure all settings. 

    Configure and test email integration at Admin -> Settings -> Email 

    Configure supported Integrations at Admin -> SOAR (see: 

    If configuring SAML with Office 365 see: 

    Send syslog to the IP address of the Streamer node on 514/udp (most common), 514/tcp or 6514/tcp (for SSL or TLS). See for integration specific guidance. 

    If sending Winlogbeats or NetFlow, create an additional Streamer for each. Send NetFlow to 2055/udp. Use the following settings for Winlogbeats 

    Create additional user accounts at Admin -> Users 

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