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    • To enable Syslog server, click More > Server Settings > Advanced Settings > Syslog server > Use Syslog server.
      • Host – IP address of the Precinct Streamer node or All-In-One appliance
      • Port – 514
      • Format – Syslog
      • Transport – TCP or UDP
    • To enable exporting, click More > Server Settings > Advanced Settings Logging > Export logs to Syslog.
    • Choose the following format for event messages:
      • LEEF (Log Event Extended Format)- format used by IBM’s application QRadar


    Configure notifications to record to Syslog

    • Click Admin > Notifications
      • Select the rule you want to edit
      • Under Distribution, select Send syslog
      • Click Finish
    • Repeat for all rules that need to be sent to Syslog


    ESET Syslog Setup

    ESET Notification Setup

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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