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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    Configuring Syslog in McAfee Database Security Server to forward alerts to a SIEM or Syslog receiver


    1. Open the Database Security Console.
    2. Click SystemInterfacesSyslog.
    3. Set the following values:
      • Host: IP address your All-In-One or Streamer Precinct VM
      • Port: 514
      • Transport: UDP
      • Maximum Packet Length: 64
      • Facilities: user
      • Format: CEF
    4. Enter the following details in the Alert Format Details field:

      CEF:0|McAfee|Database Security|$serverVersion$|alert|$$|$importance$| externalId=$id$ rt=$executionTime.time$ cs1=$$ cs1Label=DBMS dst=$agent.ip$ src=$sourceIP$ duser=$execUser:20$ suser=$osUser:20$ shost=$sourceHost:30$ dproc=$execProgram:20$ act=$cmdType:15$ cs2=$operation:225$ cs2Label=SqlStatement cs3=$$ cs3Label=AccessedObjects

    5. Enter the following details in the Result Format Details field:
      CEF:0|McAfee|Database Security|$serverVersion$|va result|$$|$importance$|externalId=$id$ rt=$executionTime.time$ destinationServiceName=$$ dhost=$database.vaHost$ cat=$$ msg=$shortErr$ cs1=$colBody1:20$ cs1Label=$colHeader1:20$ cs2=$colBody2:20$ cs2Label=$colHeader2:20$ cs3=$colBody3:20$ cs3Label=$colHeader3:20$ cs4=$colBody4:20$ cs4Label=$colHeader4:20$ cs5=$colBody5:20$ cs5Label=$colHeader5:20$ cs6=$colBody6:20$ cs6Label=$colHeader6:20$
    6. Click Save.


    McAfee documentation

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