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    • Make sure WitFoo Staff is informed that an On-Premise Streamer node will be utilized.
    • Ensure a static IP is set for the virtual appliance or that a DHCP lease is used.
      • Make sure to set the assigned public IP of the streamer appliance at Admin > Settings > Allowed IP addresses to send data or connect to the Cassandra cluster
      • Once the appliance is registered, it must maintain that address or it will fail to connect

    Complete the following steps:

    • Launch the VM using the appropriate download. 
    • Run sudo ./register using the existing license for your cloud deployment 
    • Make sure to select Streamer option during registration. 
    • The following outbound connections must be allowed on the VM
      • 9042/tcp and 5432/tcp to
      • HTTPS (443/tcp) to, and (“acme” is replaced by the prefix you chose on the cloud form)
      • Access to enabled API integrations (normally 443/tcp)
    • Send an email to detailing that the node has been launched
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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