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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    Preparing the Virtual Machine 

    NOTE: If using a Cloud or VM image, you can skip this section. This is only needed when building a fresh/custom virtual or physical machine. 

    • Use 2 disks: 
    • / – 20GB Root partition 
    • Second disk should be at least 150GB 
    • Ensure Apache2 is not installed by running `apt-get remove -y apache2` 
    • Create disk partitions by running the following: 
    • Identify second disk by running `lsblk` 
    • `parted /dev/<name of disk>` 
    • `mklabel gpt` Type Yes 
    • `mkpart kafka ext4 1MB 50GB` (will mount to /kafka) 
    • `mkpart docker ext4 51GB 81GB` (will mount to /docker) 
    • `mkpart logs ext4 82GB 87GB` (will mount to /var/logs) 
    • `mkpart cassandra_commit ext4 88GB 97GB (will mount to /cassandra_commit) 
    • `mkpart data ext4 98GB 100%` (will mount to /data) 
    • `quit` 
    • Find the name of each partition by running `lsblk` 
    • Format each partition using ` mkfs.ext4 /dev/<partition>` 
    • Create directories to mount into 
    • `mkdir /kafka` 
    • `mkdir /docker` 
    • `mkdir /data` 
    • `mkdir /cassandra_commit` 
    • Add the partitions to `/etc/fstab`. To find the UUID of each partitions run `blkid`. Here is an example: 

    UUID=9649afed-404e-4547-84bd-d34be532446e /var/log  ext4  defaults,x-systemd.mount-timeout=60  0  2 

    UUID=de4a1c9e-47d0-4ad3-8924-1ef1727561b5 /cassandra_commit  ext4  defaults,x-systemd.mount-timeout=60  0  2 

    UUID=d450614f-0262-442c-88cd-bef3c9f6975b /kafka  ext4  defaults,x-systemd.mount-timeout=60  0  2 

    UUID=d7f57ca1-e039-4068-b08d-3c7c133350b0 /docker  ext4  defaults,x-systemd.mount-timeout=60  0  2 

    UUID=fa7bf073-e92b-41e4-9bca-5ae79bb5b5e7 /data  ext4  defaults,x-systemd.mount-timeout=60  0  2 

    • `chmod +x` 
    • `./` 


    Register the Streamer 

    After logging in, Go to Customers -> Appliances to view the Registration information for the streamer node.  

    • On the streamer node, run `wfa register` using the information above.  
    • On the streamer node, run `wfa start` to start the services 

    If re-registering a streamer 

    • On all UI nodes, run `sudo wfa restart`  
    • On the streamer node, run ` sudo rm /witfooprecinct/.env` 
    • On the streamer node, run ` sudo wfa register` using the information above. 
    • On the streamer node, run `wfa start` to start the services 


    Pull all available updates

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