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    Charles HerringCharles Herring
    • Does Precinct automatically log out inactive users? Yes. After 10 minutes of inactivity.
    • Can you restrict access to the application from IP addresses? Yes, using UFW: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW
    • Can the data disk be encrypted? Yes, via dm_crypt: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FullDiskEncryptionHowto
    • Does Precinct support RBAC, SSO, LDAP & SAML? Yes, they can both be configured at Admin->Settings. See the integrations Forum for specific guidance.
    • What information is sent from Precinct to the WitFoo Datacenter?
      • System stats including CPU, Memory, Disk and Network usage
      • Program and system errors
      • Application Performance Metrics
      • Usage and tool effectiveness summary
      • Tokenized/Sanitized messages that are not parsing correctly
    • How long are stats maintained by WitFoo? 96 hours
    • What precautions are taken to keep Precinct secure and operational?
      • Static code analysis of all code via CheckMarx to detect vulnerabilities
      • Unit tests are run against all lines of code before build (code coverage)
      • All builds are deployed and tested in a lab environment for stability and performance
      • Builds are evaluated by automated and manual tests in QA
      • Underlying OS and System patches are applied each build
      • Code is isolated to non-privileged Docker containers
      • Release candidates are deployed into participating customer environments and tested
      • More than 200 health checks are run every 15 minutes and errors are reported to WitFoo
      • All code commits are peer reviewed
      • More than 10,000 unit and functional tests are run on each build
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