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    Charles HerringCharles Herring

    To connect Precinct to DataStax Astra perform the following steps.
    In Astra’s Dashboard:

    1. Create a new database
    2. Create a keyspace called artifacts
    3. Create a keyspace called precinct
    4. Under “Organization Settings” -> Tokens, select Role -> Administrator User & click “Generate Token”
    5. Create a JSON file called creds.json with content {"username":"CLIENT ID","password":"CLIENT SECRET"}. Replace CLIENT ID and CLIENT_SECRET with data created in step 4
    6. Return to the Astra Dashboard, click on the database created in Step 1.
    7. Click “Connect”, Select Java then “Download Bundle.”
    8. Rename the bundle

    On each Precinct Node:

    1. Via SFTP/SCP upload creds.json and to /witfooprecinct/astra
    2. Via SSH or Console: Run cd /witfooprecinct/astra then unzip
    3. Via SSH or Console: Run sudo service superintendent restart

    After running the steps above on all Precinct nodes, allow 20-30 minutes for the systems to connect and syncronize.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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