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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    To install WitFoo Precinct in AWS:

    Option 1: To find a shared public AMI using the console

    1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at
    2. In the navigation pane, choose AMIs.
    3. In the first filter, choose Public images. To granulate your search, choose the Search bar and use the filter options provided in the menu.
    4. Search for “WitFoo”
    5. Verify the Owner is 679593333241 (WitFoo’s account number)
    6. Select the correct size and hit “Launch” button in AWS

    Option 2: Launch From AWS Marketplace

    After the appliance is launched and sized correctly refer to the installation checklist:

    – Deploy AMI
    – Configure Security group to allow access to 514/udp, 514/tcp and 6514/tls for syslog as appropriate
    – Configure Security group to allow access to 5044/tls for Agent data as appropriate
    – Configure Security group to allow access to 2055/udp for NetFlow as appropriate
    – If Internet access is restricted, the Instance must be able to reach and
    – If deploying multi-tier architecture, WitFoo Precinct nodes should be able to communicate with each other over 443/tcp, 6514/tcp, 9042/tcp, 7000/tcp and 7001/tcp.
    – Obtain a trial license at
    – Log into to new instance via SSH
    – Run sudo ./register
    – After 5-10 minutes of initialization and updates, the UI can be accessed via HTTPS. Status can be checked by running ./status
    – Installation checklist can be found here:
    – Training, forums and support can be found at

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