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    Mike RiforgiateMike Riforgiate

    To install WitFoo Precinct in AWS:

    To find a shared public AMI using the console

    1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at
    2. In the navigation pane, choose AMIs.
    3. In the first filter, choose Public images. To granulate your search, choose the Search bar and use the filter options provided in the menu.
    4. Search for “WitFoo”
    5. Verify the Owner is 621470537179 (WitFoo’s account number)
    6. Select the correct size and hit “Launch” button in AWS
    7. Make sure the instance specs meet the appliance requirements here:
    8. Log in via SSH using default credentials: witfooadmin:F00theN0ise!
    9. Run the ./install script. Note: DO NOT reconfigure networking
    10. Update the instance firewall rules to allow 443/tcp, 514/tcp/udp, 6514/tcp, and 2055/udp inbound
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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