Build IDs: 7-0-alpha3


  • Cassandra to 4.1.1
  • Container dependencies and packages upgraded to patch security vulnerabilities
  • Go Lang to 1.20
  • Report generation resource utilization reduced by 90%


  • Report calculations may not report on disrupted and may report on unprocessed incidents
  • Reports may not assess all nodes and incidents
  • Customer UI fails to create with correct license expiration
  • Meta data may not load correctly
  • Dispatcher Jobs may create excessive connections
  • Sending Email notifications may fail
  • Kafka logs can fill /var/log with verbose logs
  • Aggregation across grid may fail
  • Some incidents not analyzed at appropriate interval
  • Incident lists may not load correctly
  • Synchronization of Reports across CyberGrid may fail

NOTE: apply the update by running on each node (one at a time) `sudo apt update ; sudo upgrade -y ; sudo wfa restart`

NOTE: Clear Chrome cache using the instructions linked here.

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