Build IDs: 6-2-rc3-4, saas-6-2-rc3, master-2023


WitFoo Incident Responder
Enhancements in Precinct 6.2 allow Incident Responders to quickly comprehend and respond to ongoing threats and coordinate with law enforcement when appropriate.
WitFoo Incident Responder Workflows

WitFoo Assessor 
Assessor workflows transform machine data into reports on compliance, readiness and business effectiveness to enable architects, auditors, insurers, solution developers and executives to do their part to secure the world together.
WitFoo Assessor Workflows

WitFoo Threat Researcher
Precinct 6.2 introduces new features that allow incident responders to coordinate evidence with Threat Researchers across law enforcement and national security to thwart cybercrime and make the world secure together.
WitFoo Threat Researcher Workflows


  • Cluster Status (green check mark on top bar) show retention status report to assist in audits and compliance.


  • Cassandra to 4.0.5
  • Kafka to 3.2.0


  • Job interval processing can fail
  • Attachments can fail to save on casebooks
  • Incident loads can fail/time-out
  • Casebook status does not sync between aggregator and tenant
  • Incident analysis can fail
  • UI can present memory leak and poor performance
  • When internal IP space is reconfigured, assets doe not update internal determination
  • Adding compliance documentation can fail to attach to correct control
  • UI compatibility fails in Safari

NOTE: How to take control of when your deployment of Precinct upgrades.

NOTE: Clear Chrome cache using the instructions linked here.

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