Build IDs: 6-1-6-18, master-199


  • Display Tool Cost calculations in Tool Effectiveness Table
  • Incident “Sort By” enabled on Incident Filter


  • Incident processing requirements reduced by more that 90%
  • Incident processing reduces memory utilization via compression algorithm
  • Java JVM updated to Java 11 utilizing G1C1 to reduce CPU and memory utilization
  • Cassandra upgraded to 4.0 RC1
  • Apache Server patched to 2.4.48 to address security requirements
  • TLS 1.2 or greater now enforced
  • Casebook interactions more fluid
  • Improved Splunk Connector performance
  • Improved AWS Cloudtrail performance
  • Resilience in Degraded, Disconnected or Intermittent Networks
  • Compress Cassandra Commit log for better IOPS and disk usage


  • Forgot Password link may fail
  • Deleted Incident Searches may continue to run after deletion
  • Incidents filters may not load in certain circumstances
  • Casebook load times may be very long
  • Loading indicators may not remove
  • Incident loads may not complete

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