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Mike Riforgiate

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  • Release Notes 6.1.6
    RELEASED BUILDS Build IDs: 6-1-6-18, master-199 FEATURES Display Tool Cost calculations in Tool Effectiveness Table Incident […]
  • Release Notes 6.1.5 (Grand Rapids)
    RELEASED BUILDS Build IDs: 6-1-5-1, master-185 **Note: this release moves annotations and response jobs into the […]
  • Release Notes 6.1.4
    RELEASED BUILDS Build IDs: 6-1-4-5, master-181 BUG FIXES SOAR job execution data object to properly show […]
  • Release Notes 6.1.3
    RELEASED BUILDS Build IDs: 6-1-3-1, master-177 BUG FIXES Large Incident counts can lead to degraded performance […]